Meet Our Team

Pranav Jani

Pranav brings over a decade of invaluable experience to the global accounting landscape. With a strong focus on US Federal Tax Laws, diverse state compliance intricacies, and the establishment of resilient accounting systems, Pranav has cultivated expertise that sets him apart. 

His advisory role has extended to numerous US corporate entities, CPA firms, and US Tax Expats, addressing multifaceted business and tax challenges. Pranav holds the prestigious title of Indian Chartered Accountant and is also a distinguished CPA graduate of AICPA, showcasing his dedication to excellence in the field.

Ravi Thanki

Ravi possesses an impressive track record with over 8+ years of dedicated experience in the global accounting industry. His specialization lies in the world of US Accounting and Bookkeeping, a domain where precision is paramount. Over the years, Ravi has collaborated closely with numerous US CPA Firms, deftly overseeing end-to-end business accounting processes right through to the finalization stage.

Ravi is well-equipped with a deep understanding of Quickbooks Desktop and Online, along with automation applications that streamline operations and enhance efficiency. In addition to his wealth of experience, Ravi holds the esteemed title of an Inter-Chartered Accountant accredited by ICAI, a testament to his commitment to excellence in the field.

Dhara Thanki

Dhara brings an accomplished career spanning over five years in the realm of global accounting to the forefront. Her contributions have been instrumental in optimizing operations for several prestigious CPA firms. Her expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of functions, including US Accounting, Bookkeeping, Sales Tax, Payroll Compliances, and Tax Preparations.

Dhara exhibits a commendable proficiency in various accounting and tax software platforms, including but not limited to QuickBooks, Lacerte, Drake, and a range of utility software. Her unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic have consistently proven to be invaluable assets for CPA firms, especially during periods of high-demand deadlines. Dhara’s commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate complex accounting challenges make her an outstanding support resource for the industry.

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